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Canaloplasty is a highly effective surgical technique for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma. Minimally invasive, it uses breakthrough microcatheter technology to restore the function of the eye’s natural outflow system without the need for a filtering bleb, which offers an unprecedented level of efficacy and safety in the surgical treatment of glaucoma.

As an added benefit, Canaloplasty can perform at any stage in the glaucoma treatment paradigm and can be used in conjunction with existing drug based glaucoma treatments, after laser or other types of incisional surgery and does not preclude or affect the outcome of future surgery. It can also be combined with cataract surgery in order to maximize IOP (intraocular pressure).

Restoring The Natural Outflow Pathways

Unlike trabeculectomy, which works by bypassing the trabecular meshwork, Canaloplasty specifically addresses all areas of potential “blockage”, in the natural outflow. Using the combination of a stent and vasodilation of the entire Schlemm’s Canal, Canaloplasty restores aqueous flow through the trabecular meshwork into Schlemm’s Canal, and out through the collector channels, effectively restoring the normal functions of the natural outflow system.

Bleb Free Procedure

One of the most significant advantages of Canaloplasty is that it works in the absence of filtering bleb. This leads to more predictable outcomes and easier post-operative management. Indeed, Canaloplasty provides an improved safety profile and enables surgeons to reduce or eliminate many of the intra-operative and post-operative complications associated with trabeculectomy, including ocular discomfort, bleb scarring over, not scarring enough, and infection.

Maximally Effective

With over 35,000 procedures performed to date, clinical studies have shown that Canaloplasty comprehensively opens up all components of the eye’s natural outflow system to deliver a sustained reduction IOP. By addressing all of the possible sites of resistance, including potentially occluded collector channels, Canaloplasty delivers a significant degree of IOP reduction and enables surgeons to obtain post0operative pressures in the range of 12-14 mmHg, Sometimes even as low as 8-9 mm Hg.

How Is Canaloplasty Performed?

First, your doctor will make a small incision in the eye. The advanced Canaloplasty microcatheter will be inserted into the eye’s drainage system canal.

Using the microcatheter, your doctor will circle the canal and enlarge it, which will help the aqueous fluid drain properly. The microcatheter is then removed and a suture is placed with the canal to keep it open.

By restoring your eye’s natural drainage system, the pressure inside your eye is usually lowered.

Are You A Candidate For Canaloplasty?

  • Do you have open-angle glaucoma?
  • Do you find using your eye drops inconvenient, difficult, or costly?
  • Have your medications stopped working?
  • Are you reluctant to have more invasive glaucoma surgery?

If you answered yes, Canaloplasty may be right for you. This advanced treatment option has been proven to provide patients with reduced dependence on medications. More importantly, the pressure inside your eye may be lowered and your glaucoma brought under control.

Only an ophthalmologist who has been trained to perform Canaloplasty can decide if this procedure is right for you. It is important to discuss all the benefits and risks with your doctor.

Remember, managing your glaucoma is a lifelong process. Even with Canaloplasty and other glaucoma treatments, you will still need to manage your glaucoma with continued follow up visits with your ophthalmologist.

What Are The Benefits Of Canaloplasty For Me?

  • Restorative treatment of the eye’s natural drainage system.
  • Sustained reduction of pressure in the eye.
  • Reduced dependence on expensive medications
  • Less invasive for quicker recovery and return to daily activities.
  • No limitations on your favorite activities.

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