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ORA System®

The ORA System® is a revolutionary new way to analyze your eye during your custom laser cataract procedure; using ORA allows Dr. Smith to tailor the treatment to your individual eye.

ORA measurements are take after the cataract is removed and provides Dr. Smith with a detailed analysis of your eye during your surgery. These measurements are used to provide fully customized premium lens placement, helping ensure you have the best possible visual outcome.

The ORA System is compatible with all premium lens implants and technologies; you can feel confident that you will receive the best possible results – no matter what custom laser cataract correction  option you select.

An ORA-guided cataract procedure gives you the security of knowing you can have the best possible outcome, and reduces the chance of needing an additional procedure.  ORA offers:

✓ Real-time laser measurements during cataract surgery
✓ Individualized intraocular lens selection
✓ Optimal visual results
✓ Increased patient satisfaction
✓ Reduced risk of refractive surprise

With this combined advanced technology, along with Dr. Smith’s surgical skills and experience, we are able to provide our patients with astounding visual outcomes. In fact, most of our patients are seeing 20/20 or better without glasses after their custom laser cataract surgery!

If you feel you may have a cataract, contact us at 877.810.3937 to schedule a consultation, or click here to email us.